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    To get started, make sure you are logged in and click the arrow on the left hand side Block Manager to expand the block manager.
    You can move, add and edit blocks without the need for complex coding!

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    Website Administrator

    This is the main part of the website – and you are encouraged to contribute your knowledge, for the benefit of all members.

    From the homepage, there are pages for Welcome, History and Dues. These can be seen by everyone. Gallery and Downloads represent the major category for the website and where the bulk of relevant material is located for members.


    When you click on the Gallery menu, you will be presented with a list of Galleries by Country. If a country is not listed, just ask an Administrator to add the country to the list of available Galleries.


    Underneath the Gallery list are featured images and New Images that have been added to the website since your last visit. Yes, the website will remember what you have visited and what’s new since your last visit!



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