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    Website Administrator

    Welcome to PICAA! This document will serve as your guide on how to access, participate in and navigate your way around the PICAA website.

    Compared to our old website, it is hoped that this new website will provide members with a curated resource of material relevant to members interests.

    Initial email

    Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance into PICAA. This email will provide you with a link to the website and the ability to set your password on first login.


    initial_email.jpegWhen you set your password, it must be:

    ·      Between 8 and 72 characters

    ·      Mixture of letters and numbers

    ·      Mixture of upper and lowercase

    ·      Special characters

    ·      Non-dictionary words

    A minimum password strength guide will help you meet minimum-security requirements.

    Once you have set your password, you will be logged in to the site. You will know this, as your name will be visible in the top right hand side of the homepage.




    It is recommended that you visit your profile and confirm your details are recorded correctly, If you need to make changes, this is where you can do so. To view / edit your profile click on the ‘Edit Profile’ and make changes as necessary. Recorded address details will populate onto your membership invoices. Address and contact details cannot be viewed by guests browsing the website or by logged in members, only you and the Administrators.


    Your profile, when viewed by other members will only show your birthday (if you choose to share), your membership number, collecting interests and items collected.

    The second part of your profile is where you can let other members know your collecting interests and what items you collect.

    initial_profile_part2.jpegThe final part of your profile is where you can let others know a little bit about yourself – if you choose to do so. Remember, you can always come back and edit your details at any stage.




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